Subaru Baja Series Truck Caps

Click To View Subaru Baja owners can secure their cargo while bringing a custom look to their vehicles with a new fiberglass truck cap from A.R.E. This new cap fits the Baja in a way that makes it look like a natural extension of the vehicle.

The cap presented a challenge to A.R.E.'s design and engineering team because they had to go around the factory roll bars that are built into every Subaru Baja. But with some innovative thinking they were able to work around this challenge and others to produce a top-of-the-line truck cap for the vehicle.

The cap installs easily, with a fiberglass rail system that is designed to mount directly to existing holes inside the bed of the vehicle. No drilling is needed, and lining up the fiberglass rails with the holes in the bed automatically ensures the cap is installed correctly. The cap has been well received by Subaru as well. They first saw the cap at the 2003 SEMA Spring Expo where it was introduced. Since then, Subaru has displayed the cap at the Cleveland, Columbus, and Atlanta Auto Shows, and plans to show the cap at other venues as well.

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