LSII Series Tonneau Covers

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 LSII Design Flaw - Leaks - 2020 Ford Ranger.
LSII Series : Ford Ranger
October 02, 2020    Posted by: Bruce
LSII Tonneau cover is well crafted and beautifully sculpted. BUT, it leaks profusely at both front corners. There is a large, almost quarter-sized space between the front corners of the drop-in bed liner and the front corners of the LSII lid. There is no way that this gap is going to be covered the way this LSII Tonneau is designed. The small pieces of foam rubber included in the installation package that are velcro'd into each front corner are not blocking the problem area. Not even close. You can stick your finger through and touch the cab of the truck. I'm astonished that this design flaw went unnoticed by your engineers and/or quality control department and has not been addressed. I'm now stuck with a $1500 lid that leaks like a sieve and can't store anything in the bed for fear of major water damage. I would like to have a factory representative contact me and perhaps come and take a look for himself. My A.R.E. Dealer states that there is nothing he can do. My Ford dealer states that it's a design fault in the lid. This Ford Ranger model was first produced in 2019. A.R.E should have made manufacturing adjustments by now. Am I the only late model Ranger/ARE LSII Tonneau cover owner with this issue? So now, I'm between a rock and a wet place. RSVP. Thanks.

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 Toyota Tacoma, LSII Series Cover
LSII Series : Toyota Tacoma
September 03, 2020    Posted by: Alan
Nice cap for my 2017 Tacoma. Color matches perfectly and fits well over the truck bed.

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 Looks Great but not satisfied
LSII Series : Toyota Tacoma
August 28, 2020    Posted by:
I was very happy to purchase the LSII cover for my 2016 Toyota Tacoma because it would add the extra security I was looking for in my truck bed. However I was a little disappointed after the first rain storm to have a leak. I took it back to the shop where I purchased it and where it was installed, where I was told that there is issues with the A.R.E covers fitting the 2016 (and newer) Tacoma’s and that sometimes they leak. I wish I had know this was an issue from the start, I might have made a different choice in cover. After having the cover re-sealed it still leaks, not as much. It’s really disappointing when you want to enjoy an expensive part for your truck when you always have an issue in the back of your mind. It’s certainly the last time I purchase an A.R.E product.

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