Overland Series Truck Caps

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OVERLAND Series : Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon
September 05, 2019    Posted by:
I purchased this cap to be my primary shelter for an August Antelope hunt. My plan was to be a mobile hunter. Instead of a base camp, I would overnight wherever I was at when the sun set. I ordered it in June, received it in late July. Once it was installed, I decided to install a decked system to better organize my hunting gear. The cap has a real nice fit, the paint matches perfectly. I installed this on my Colorado ZR2. I was a bit concerned about the extra dead weight it added, never mind my gear. Around 400 lbs between the 2. The cap was dead quiet off road, no rattling. The dirt was for the most part kept out of the back of the truck. Roads in N. NV were very dry and dusty. I was also curious as to what if any effect it would have on fuel milage. The little diesel 4 banger in my Colorado averaged 24.5 mpg, over 800 miles and highway speeds of 70-80 mph and lots of offroad slow travel. Clearly, the weight wasn't a factor. The only complaint I have, is it seems the rear door hold open actuators dont care for the heat. They seemed to grow a bit lazy in the heat, and stiffened up during the early part of the morning. All in all, I'm pleased with the cap. Oh, and the hunt was a big success!

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