MX Series Truck Caps

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 A.R.E. MX Truck Topper
MX Series : Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra
June 30, 2011    Posted by: JL
I think the fit and finish of the MX Topper is great. I like the extra height of the MX. It gives me the extra room for hauling taller things and to be able to haul all of my goose decoys and lay-out blinds with the shorter Chevy Truck boxes. I like the headliner because it cuts down on heat transfer and wind/road noise. I also like the fold down/slider front window it aids in cleaning the front glass of the topper and the back glass of the Truck. The center mount handle makes it easier to open the back topper door then the two-handle type you have to turn one handle and then the other and if you open it from just one side it twist the door and hinge. The single handle also has a key hole cover to keep out dirt and ice to help prevent freeze ups in the winter. The two handles always work hard and freeze up during the winter even with those stupid little rubber covers. I've had them freeze up and bust the collars around the "T" handle. The only thing I wish the topper had a small lip down over the side of the Truck box. Thanks for a Great product A.R.E.

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